Nepal Youth Mission Trip 2013

As some of you may already be aware, last Sunday we formally launched our youth mission trip to Nepal in 2013.  Our plan is to take a small group of teenagers and leaders during the Easter holidays, to engage in some ministry and work in Nepal.  We are joining with INF, with whom St John’s has partnered with in the past.  The CEO of the UK office, John Reynolds is part of our church family, and you may remember us raising money for the Chhahari Schools project back in June.   You can find out more about the work of INF here.

Due to a mixture of a power-point failure and poor improvisation, we were unable to bring you further information about why we are going on the trip and how you can help us.

The idea of taking young people on mission trips, both home and abroad, has a rich heritage in St John’s Church.  As a youth team we first felt God calling us to consider such a endeavour back in 2009.  It has taken us some time to find the ‘right’ project.

You might ask “Why Nepal?”.  Good question!

One of the most important aspects of planning such a mission trip is building something sustainable and something that makes a real difference to the young people we take and the people that we meet in Nepal.  As a youth team, we had a real desire to ensure this not a ‘hit and run’ mission visit, but something that could create a relational legacy as well as a Spiritual & practical one.  We feel that with the links already forged between St John’s and the work of INF in Nepal, it would create a unique opportunity to build a friendship and a relationship that would have the potential to go beyond a mere 10 days.

Added to this was a real sense of God speaking to us clearly about helping young people engage with the worldwide body of Christ – giving teenagers here a chance to meet teenagers in Nepal for the purpose of fellowship, encouragement and a wonderful discipleship opportunity.

We have three main aims for our trip.

  • To provide 16-18 year olds from St John’s Church, Harborne with an opportunity to grow in their understanding of international mission, be inspired and impacted by what God is doing around the world, meet and build relationships with Christians in Nepal and serve a local church.
  • To create relational legacy between Authentic youth ministry and the church in Nepal – to get a sense of what it means to really be the body of Christ around the world
  • To bless both St John’s Church and Ram Ghat Church, Pokhara through shared experiences , relationships built and things learnt.

Our itinerary will include a wide range of activities, work and ministry.  We will be leading Church services, engaging in practical assistance in the community, serving in hospitals, joining with other teenagers from the local church, amongst other many things.

We need you!

Put simply, we cannot do this with out you, our Church family, supporting and encouraging us through the next 6 months.  We plan to hold fundraising events, sponsored tasks, car washes, and do a thousand other things to raise the money needed for this trip.  Please consider giving money to allow this team of young people and leaders the opportunity of a lifetime to see God at work at such an incredible place as Nepal.

Most importantly, please consider praying for us throughout this process.  We will be setting up a prayer group for our visit – please let me know if you would like to be part of that.

I’ll end with this thought, recently brought to my attention by one of the volunteer leaders coming with us to Nepal.

“We go to be servants, not masters.  To learn more than to teach.  To be more than to do.”

Bless ya


Jon Tattersall


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