Reaching un-churched children

Research by Scripture Union states that 95% of children and young people in the UK have no church contact. Reaching some of that 95% is a key motivator behind The Christmas Tour.

For those new to St John’s or if you’ve not come across the Christmas Tour before …. it’s a nativity play with a difference. One key difference is that the performance is by adults and watched by primary school children rather than vice versa. Another difference is that the ‘audience’ doesn’t sit and watch, instead the audience travels back in time and is guided by a lead character from the nativity story through scenes which are performed in different parts our church building. Each tour lasts 30 minutes.

This year the Christmas Tour will be performed on Thursday 29, Friday 30 November and Saturday 1 December. Thursday and Friday are ‘schools days’. We hope to squeeze in a couple of extra performances so that over 500 local primary school children – many of whom have no church connection – will see the performances and encounter the real meaning of Christmas. It is an amazing privilege to have this opportunity.

On Saturday the performances are during the day and open to anyone. Families with no church connection come along and it is a great event to invite non-church families to. Tickets will be available later in the autumn.

How can you be involved?

1. We need actors! If you want to impact some of that 95% of children who don’t have church contact – then please consider acting on one or more of the days. We are looking for people willing to act because they want to share the amazing story of Christmas. You don’t need to be RADA trained!

2. We need prayer! Please pray for the core team as we organise Christmas Tour 2018; for responses from schools who will receive invitations next week, for enough actors, for productive rehearsals, for freedom from technical blips and above all for the impact on all those who experience the Tour this year, that they would encounter the reality of the Christmas story.

3. We need audiences on Saturday 1 December! Please book the date in your diary and think about who you could invite to a performance of The Christmas Tour. (Tours will run from 10am to 4pm)

If you are interested in acting on any or all of the three Tour dates please contact Diana Hopkins on If you are a Tour ‘regular’ or you want to join the cast for the first time, please let Diana know.

If you do get involved we can guarantee lots of fun, some hard work in rehearsals and the opportunity to be part of a fantastic creative adventure in mission!

Please join us!

Diana, Liz, Diarmid and Jeremy

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